Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LOAD215 Day 11-28


Day 11: Word Play: Rhyme on your layout


Not a Rhyme but a bit of a poem

LOAD11 1

Here is the surprise in the top right corner. I was planning on having this photo on the LO but it was out not work with the layers and the journaling.

Day 12: Color: Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham: Green, White and Orange


The hidden journaling

LOAD12 1

Day 13: Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus use “Don’t let _____ _____ _____” as the title


The challenge to fit a story into a title that is given to you is a bit tough. I had to dig through an year and half of photos before one set clicked with this title wording.


Day 14: Audiobooks, Listening to stories


I have a ton of photos of the kids reading to us or us reading to the kids so this was an easy one for me

Day 15: Favorite Family Quotes


I was off prompt with this one a bit, I thought of all the things Syd says and these photos were fresh in my mind as she had just got her hair cut and wanted to do a photo shoot.

Day 16: Books you read around special holidays (e.g. Christmas etc.)


I went with a book my Grandparents gave me as a child for Christmas

LOAD16 j

I took a pic of the book and the inside cover where my grandma had signed it and created a book on the LO with the journaling in the front cover.

Day 17: Spread an image or photo out over two pages


Ok this one is so not my style, but I had been gone all day with Syd and her appointment in Ann Arbor and then I watched the Littles all afternoon so I worked with what I had upstairs.

I took this photos today and the story was fresh in my mind. I don’t like 2 page spreads in my albums and I thought about doing 2 6x12’s to fit the prompt but just did not want to. So I went bold for this big deal moment.

Day 18: Once upon a time...


The only things that came to mind on this day was Pepper growing old.

Day 19: Colors of Harold and the Purple Crayon: Purple and Brown

I Have very few purple supplies and the only think I thought about when I heard purple was our wedding which was purple and black.

Day 20: Judy Moody was in a mood...

We had just been to Starbuck this morning and I still chuckle every time Hubby orders there. He has grown so much in the trying new food area.

Day 21: A book that has left a lasting inspiration in your life

I was a bit off prompt, I went with a saying that Hubby tells CJ that has, so far, has left a lasting impression on her.

Day 22: How reading intersects with your life: big reader when you were young and not so much now or vice versa...

Not on prompt at all, just could not think today, I just wanted to play with paper.

Day 23: A story that is kind of all in the family today Mom read to you and you to your kids etc.

Was not on prompt again today, was getting a bit tired of the reading theme at this point, how many pics of reading can one have in one album anyway?

Day 24: Pop it Up! Pop ups and such..LOAD24

This is a odd size almost an 8x12 but that is what I the cut page was. It was a cast off from day 21 when my PC went to sleep while my Silhouette was cutting the background but I could not throw it away.

2015-03-04 12.56.462015-03-04 12.57.02

2015-03-04 12.58.11

I layered 5 of the same photo, some in color and the others in B&W. It only took me 30 minutes because all the items were laying on my desk from the past days work.

Day 25: Speech bubbles!


This was text conversation from Jake to me last August.

Day 26: Color prompt: Blue, Yellow and White


I had just got my hair cut the day before and these photos were fresh in my mind so I added pink silver and black the to color scheme prompt and like the results.

Day 27: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland..."_________ adventures in _________"


This one is just a silly one, it was a photo I had just taken and it fit the prompt perfectly. I would never had done this it not for LOAD.

Day 28: Book that made you cryLOAD28

Off prompt, but was too pooped to come up with something today. I was just glad to be done, I have so much other stuff to catch up on.

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