Friday, November 14, 2014

PL Weel 34


We took JD to Oakland University for a campus tour put on by the coach. JD loved the school and the coach, he even met the team as today was the first day of practice for the XC team. He will be going back in the fall for an overnight visit. He looks so enthused in this picture doesn’t he!


It is only noon and I have 9,000 steps in already! I have been setting up for the garage sale most all morning so it has been a lot of back and forth around the garage.


JD got his first big paycheck and blew it all on a DS and games. Ugh, I could just scream, he knows that the Loon’s job is just  seasonal and he will need money for gas and his phone bill all winter. Teens!


After cleaning up the garage sale stuff CJ was just tuckered out! She cracks me up, I think she moved one or two small boxes.


From Hubby’s facebook post

Another Saturday, another race...just returned from the North Country Trail Run. Love to run this race in the woods each year.
Highlights from this year...
JD took 1st in the half marathon! Nice job!
Michael took 3rd in his age group!
Shaun ran this race for the first time. Looking forward to running with him again next year!
- I accidentally PR'd for this race. I usually try to run the flatter miles faster in order to make up for the time I lose on the hilly miles. This year I went slower on the flatter miles and ended up being faster on the hillier miles. What a go faster I needed to go slower? I guess that tortoise and hare thing is true after all...
A good day with good folks...

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