Monday, November 17, 2014

PL Week 46


Reading time with daddy continues even when he is on road. The girls get ready for bed and crawl in together with my IPad to hear a chapter or two of the Fairy books. They look forward to it all day.


I sewed a new bag. I love the shape, it is a pattern by Noodlehead called Poolside Tote. I am not crazy about the yellow fabric but it is  great size. I can see myself making more of these.


Breakfast is shared via Facetime with Hubby. He reads to them at bedtime and chats with them at breakfast. This is working so well for the girls. They get q-time with him on a regular schedule.


The girls have a 1/2 day for parent teacher conferences. This dismayed Syd so much, she was insistent that she could not eat lunch at home on a school day. This may seem silly but for her it is all about routines and a 1/2 day was not her routine. I avoided the stress it would cause her and made it a special lunch at the mall. This made it all ok to not have a full day at school.


I drove JD and I to Ohio for the Meet of Champions tomorrow. Hubby flew into Dayton and I pick him up. We stayed at same hotel that JD was staying at with the Michigan team. We both wanted the nightstand so Hubby and I choose to sleep in separate beds. We got a chuckle out of it. With him being gone all week we both were getting comfortable with sleeping apart. The beds were so comfy too.


The meet of Champions is 12 boys and 12 girls from 4 states racing at Kettering Recreation Center. A great once in a life time experience for him. JD finished 9th with 15:57, 4th Michigan Team member. He had a great kick. Team Michigan finished in 2nd place.

When we returned home JD signed with Oakland University!


Seeing that he signed a letter of intent to run for Oakland next fall we figure he better apply to the school as well. He was holding off to bring his GPA up some but we really thought he should do is now. Now let hope he gets accepted or the NLI is invalid.

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