Monday, November 17, 2014

PL Week 45 The week of JD


Today JD asked me to come to the school and take his photo for coaches wall. To get on this wall you have to finish at States in the top 30. He also got an offer from OU to run for them!

11052014 3

Tonight was the last XC banquet JD will have as a Chemic. These are the trophies this team has earned this year. They were the best team coaches has had to date.

11052014 1

JD was a captain this year. At the banquet the captains get to give out paper plate awards, usually they are something funny that each team mates has done this season. The captains then give each other awards. JD was given “This guy deserves a hug award” then the whole boys team piled on the give him a hug.

11052014 2

This is Coach and he is an awesome coach to these kids. He started them off this summer with special workouts that the boys asked for, set up an ice bath outside his house for them to use anytime they wanted, took them all to XC camp and has been there for each of them when ever they needed. We are going to miss him and Mrs. Coach so very much.


His friends or the boyz as he calls them. This is a great group of boys to have as friends.


The team of Champions race. It is only for is the last chance to earn a spot on Team Michigan. The top 12 move on the one more race in Ohio next weekend.

11082014 2

JD got 6th and is moving on to next weekend. His competitors now become a team of 12 to represent Michigan.


11082014 1

JD’s friend DR went along with us to Grand Rapids for the race, DR did not qualify for the Michigan team but both were happy to race one last time together.

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