Monday, November 17, 2014

PL Week 44


Hubby is putting the girls on the bus for the last time for awhile, he will be traveling again for work. They are going to miss their mornings with daddy.


The majority of our leaves are now to the road. Hopefully the city comes to get them soon, our road is getting narrower by the day.


Hubby is in Philly and it is his Birthday! The girls woke up this morning eager to FaceTime him and sing him Happy Birthday Cha Cha Cha. We did celebrate in his honor later this evening with cupcakes!



Our morning Facetime routine was taking over by Minnie and Elsa. Hubby will not be returning in time for trick or treating tonight the girls and I are sad but we must go on, 6 & 7 years will not miss Halloween!

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Oh my, Hubby missing trick or treating by an hour would have been preferred to his flight getting completely canceled and him having to drive from PA. He arrived to his car at Flint Airport with the car covered in snow!

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Hubby did not want to miss this! JD’s last run at States. Boy, did JD make it a great last! He finished 12th in 15:38.3!! He earned a place on coaches wall as one of the best runners he has coached. He even beat Parker, the kid he has been chasing all season, by 20 seconds. Way to keep OU interested!


These are the team mates that traveled down with us to cheer JD on. He has a great group of friends.

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