Monday, November 17, 2014

PL Week 43


The bats and rats are up and CJ could not be more thrilled. She has been begging for them since the beginning of October. That girls does love parties and decorating hoopla.


This old girl is getting spoiled. She is sleeping on the couch more often and getting her food spiked with cheese sprinkles. I am hoping this winter will be kind to her.


I got a call from Syd’s hearing specialist yesterday, Syd was sporting only one hearing aid! She had lost her left one while at lunch recess. I rushed up to help search the playground with no luck, it looks very much the color of leaves right now! Family and friends returned after school for 2 hours to search more with no luck. But today the principal called and a 3rd grader located it by falling off the monkey bars near it and hear it squealing! I again rushed up to the school, washed it and put it back on her. It was in perfectly working order. Thank goodness.


We dug out the winter hats this morning. Standing at  the bus stop was getting chilly.



JD is going to States one last time! With a 4th place finish in 15:59. He also has the potential to keep OU’s interest with this time. Way to go JD!

Sadly with the very fast regional we are in the rest of the team did not make it to States.


10252014 1

Meet the fifties housewife and the milkman. Oh my  we had a hoot with these costumes!


Pumpkin carving and chili was on the days order. We hung out at Grammies with the family and stopped by to see Grandma G. It was a good day.


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