Monday, November 17, 2014

PL Week 42


I made this enlarged 2 zip hipster bag some time ago and was planning on listing on Esty. I was just waiting for MJ to be available for  a photo shoot. She really liked the bag and asked me if we could keep it. I agreed as long as she would use it.


We took Syd and CJ to Ann Arbor for Syd’s appointment. We had to pick up the new molds, check in with the doctor and sign the papers for Syd to have surgery. We did find out that her right eardrum has a small tear, Dr. Arts thinking it will heal with no trouble but will keep an eye on it.



JD had the final SVL meet today. He finished 4th with 16:18. Midland finished 2nd. He was disappointed.

Quote from the Midland Daily News:

“We did well as a team,” Greer said. “We trained hard over the summer, and we gave everything we had today. I should have done better. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I’ll find out. I was going after (third-place) Joe Renner (of Davison), and he got away.”


The Littles hung out with us today. I made them felt mask to go with the capes for Halloween. They are such cuties!


I am a mom that packs lunches now! Every morning a lunch for Syd and one for CJ. It was a must for Syd, she refuses to eat much of anything besides yogurt and pasta. CJ has begged me for 2 years to pack her lunch. So that’s how we got here, me packing lunches every morning.


CJ had a play date today with a classmate. Syd felt left out. We took her to MC’ds for lunch and just hung out. She loves to cuddle and watch TV or be read to.


Before JD and I left for OU for the night, the family raked leaves. The girls were a big help and a great source from entertainment. They play witch tag and squealed with laughter.

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