Sunday, November 16, 2014

PL Week 41


I figured out what I want to be for the Halloween party our friend’s throw. Now I just need to sew up the dress and get the wig, glasses and shoes.


Dress is done except for a few small details. I was going for a 50’s house wife. It looks just like the photo on the pattern cover. It will come together when the wig and glasses arrive.


Syd looks so forward to her dance classes. We leave right after the bus drops her off and if I am not waiting out at the car for her  she get so upset thinking I have forgotten about her class. I am so glad she enjoys this so much.


I got a SOS from Heather wondering if I could whip up some capes for the Littles. I happened to have a cape that JD wore around  when he was younger that was Batman on one side and Superman on the other. I just copied it in pink for Little Miss and zip zap easy capes for 2 Littles that are a bit opposed to wear costumes


Morning cuddles are getting to be a routine for Syd and Hubby. Him working from home these last few months have really help Syd become a daddy’s girl even if she won’t admit it.


JD was asked to be part to the Booster Bash poster!



JD had a rough day today. It was the county meet and he was the favored winner going into it. He was not feeling the best (sinus issue). This was the last chance to beat the school home course record and I think that was weighing on him too.  He finished 2nd to a long time running buddy and competitor with 16:32 (the slowest he has ran in year) The team finished in 1st place. 


Girls costumes are done, with trick or treat baskets to match! I was so excited to have them finished and have them love them too.

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