Sunday, November 16, 2014

PL Week 40


JD has been helping out the Fleet Feet coach with practice. CJ likes having him there. She looks up to her big runner brother.


We have just one tree that has turned color in our yard. It has just started dropping leaves. The girls cold not be happier about fall coming.


Quinoa Chili! yummy. Hubby loves quinoa and I have been searching for things other then the wraps to use it in. Thanks to Pinterest I have found a recipe that we love.


Daddy is running with the girls up and down the driveway this morning. Syd wanted to race alone so CJ would not beat her anymore. Hubby stepped in to stop the feud and hurt feeling by taking the racing out of it.


CJ told a lady at the store that her brother was a famous runner the other day. That made me laugh! But look what MJ brought home from school today! A school newspaper with JD’s mug on it! There is a great article about the top 6 guys on the xc team.

A quote from coach "I have to admit, they are the best team I have ever had."


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JD ran a smart race today. He finished 3rd 16:17, his team took 1st. His coach received the Coaches award and was elated. The look on his face was priceless!

Chemic boys win Heritage cross country invite

Sunday, October 5, 2014, 10:30 am

By the Midland Daily News

SAGINAW TOWNSHIP — The Midland High boys’ cross country team beat Saginaw Heritage, the seventh-ranked team in Division 1, for the second time this season on Saturday. Led by Jacob Greer’s third-place time of 16:17.8, the Chemics finished with 58 points to Heritage’s 60 to win the Heritage Invitational.

“In a way, it’s very motivating to have that same team that you’re battling against on the schedule just about every week,” said Midland coach Marty Hollenbeck, whose Chemics also outscored Heritage at the Delta Invitational this year. “We’re going to battle them again at the Saginaw Valley League jamboree (on Oct. 15 at Stratford Woods), and also at regionals, so we’re looking forward to that.”

After Greer, Connor Legge (16:56.4) was 10th overall for the Chemics, while Dylan Rocha (17:03.9) was 12th, Dylan Anderson (17:05.8) was 13th, and Max Pasche (17:14.3) was 20th.


The weather at the meet was erratic to say the least, at one point it hailed! CJ’s was the last race on the day, we tried to convince her to not run as it was getting so cold and windy. But she wanted to do what she came for and I don’t blame her. She ran 1 mile in 8:46! Wow, that is such an improvement!


JD is slowly claiming the basement as his space. He has been hanging out there, doing homework and napping on the couch (though he thinks I don’t know about the napping) As long as he is getting his stuff done I am ok with the napping.

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