Sunday, November 16, 2014

PL Week 39


Syd and I had an appointment with Dr. Lori. She took new impressions for ear molds in one last ditch effort to stop the feedback in the left side. While I was there we scheduled surgery on the left as well. We want to do the same thing that was done to the right side, have an ear drum made and complete the canal.  Hopefully with the same results or better than the right side. Surgery will be in early December.


JD had a great race today. He came in 3rd with 16:09. He passed Joe from Davidson right at the end. JD was elated and celebrated with his team, they were 2nd place overall.

Chemics' Greer, Lancers' Sira lead teams to high finishes

Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 10:30 am

By the Midland Daily News

UNIVERSITY CENTER — Jacob Greer took third overall at 16:09 to lead the Midland High boys to second place at the second Saginaw Valley League cross country jamboree at Delta College Tuesday.

The Chemics scored 46 points, four behind Heritage’s 42 and 31 ahead of third-place Davison’s 77.

Nick Schmidt of Davison won the race at 15:57 and Parker Eisengruber of Heritage took second at 16:08.

Midland’s Dylan Rocha took eighth at 16:50, Dylan Anderson 10th at 16:53, Connor Legge 12th at 16:55 and Max Pasche 13th at 17:01.

“We were outstanding today,” Midland coach Marty Hollenbeck said. “We’re improving and that’s what we’re looking for. It’s a good sign.”


The mundane stuff- I am attempting to go back to a paper planner system. The digital one is getting so easy to ignore, I guess. I like making lists by hand and get satisfaction from crossing some thing off when it is done. This is draft one that I printed. It will have to be something that changes as it needs to as I am not sure if this is the set up I will like.


The bus stop games: The girls race up and down the drive. CJ and I take turns standing on one leg the longest or skipping the width of the driveway the fastest. It keeps them busy and happy.

09272014 1

Today was LOOOONG, hot & dusty. We traveled to Carson City for a new meet. JD finished 3rd with 16:29. The team took 3rd.


We raced back from the meet so JD could get ready for homecoming. This year things we more casual and loose. He went with his friend Max (in orange) and they hung out with the other members of the XC team. He had really great time.


Today was the Mud Creek Crawl. They moved it to Sunday and back 3 weeks from where is has been all these years. The attendance was low. Hubby ran the 10k in 57:29, Brent ran the 5k in 24:00.


09282014 1

This afternoon we had JD’s Senior pictures taken by friends of ours,  Photo Your World. We are very happy with the whole experience. It was coincidence that they picked Statford park to take them, it is JD’s home XC course and a beautiful setting.

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