Sunday, November 16, 2014

PL Week 36


Another race, JD and Hubby did run, but they get too much press here alreadyWinking smile. Today I want to highlight Frick and Frack. They too ran, in the fun run, and had an awesome time. JD’s friends ran with them. The medal Syd was given made her scream with joy (though she left it at the dinner on accident and cried most of the way home). They sported their Super Syd shirts and even cheered those boys on. It was an awesome day for them.

Ok a quick blurb.. JD was overall winner of the 5k with 17:15 and Hubby was second in his age group with 21:02.


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! We now have a Senior, Sophomore, 2nd grader and a Kindergartner! What? Wow!

Everyone had a great first day, I cried a bit and stayed way too long in Syd’s class just in case I was needed. The girls are eager to return tomorrow and JD enjoyed his last first day.


A bus stop moment. Ahhh these two could melt my heart.


Busy work for me, send out 2 orders, “help” JD cover a book, “Hello, MJ I am talking to you, please look at me”. Yep, that is what I have to do with her every time I see her she is looking at her phone so I should add the mantra to my to-do list.


Sharing a bed and a cartoon before bedtime routine starts. These two have had a great first week of school. Syd is sad that tomorrow is the weekend she so wants to go to school everyday. Yay!

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Saturdays in the fall are for races, at least for us. CJ was the only Fleer Feeter to run today. Her race was 1.5 miles, she finished in 99th place in 14:27. She is running against 199 other k-6th graders so 99th place is pretty good, their were only a couple dozen kids her size. We are very proud of her.


JD also ran on the same course as CJ. He placed 3rd with 16:16. Not where he wanted to finish but this is early days.



“Midland boys second, Dow girls third at Lancer Invitational

Sunday, September 7, 2014, 10:30 am

By the Midland Daily News

Leading Midland was Jacob Greer (16:16.2) in third place, while Connor Legge (16:51.8) was seventh, Dylan Anderson (17:14.4) was 15th, Dylan Rocha (17:15.7) was 16th, and Jonathan Becker (17:16.3) was 17th.

“He ran one of his better races, and it was a great start to the year,” Midland coach Marty Hollenbeck said of Greer.

“Running this close to Heritage this early in the year is a good sign,” he added. “I’m proud of all the hard work (our runners) put in this summer.”



Not runner food but tomorrow is a spaghetti dinner for XC team and seniors are bringing desert. This is so what I like to make, deserts are my favorite. I won’t frost them so they will be a bit healthierWinking smile

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