Sunday, November 16, 2014

PL Week 35


It is that time of year again! Back to school prep. I am not sure who love this more, me or MJ… She could not wait to fill her locker with the new paper and binders. She has been organizing it and re-organizing it for weeks. She was eager to get it all set and put it in her locker…….

She got a text the next day from the girl who this locker belongs too! MJ loaded the wrong locker! Her locker is the one the left, the locker she put her stuff has a broken lock so that is why it opened when she used her com on it! MJ had a great laugh over this one.



I announced to the house that I was tired of being the only one that knew how to load the dishwasher, in a loud dramatic fashion. I was not expecting anyone to care or come to help but CJ ran out of the room and returned with a clothes pin on her nose!

“I am ready to help!” she said. When I stopped laughing, I asked her why she need the clothespin to load the dishwasher. “Cuz’ the dishes stink” 

That was my whole point!


When we were at the Oakland Campus a few weeks ago the OU coach let JD know about a 4K high school race that he puts on at the campus. JD was eager to run it and run in front of the OU coach. When JD brought this idea to his coach, it was turned into a way to reward the boys that had worked so hard training all summer.

JD  finished 7th with 12:50. The team, (the 4 pictured plus 3 that had to leave early), won 2nd place to the current 1st placed ranked team in MI. A great place to start the season!

“Chemic runners place second in Rochester

Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 10:30 am

By the Midland Daily News

ROCHESTER - Senior Jacob Greer finished seventh out of 124 runners to lead the Midland High boys’ cross country team to second place out of 16 teams at Friday’s Golden Grizzly Invitational at Oakland University.

Waterford Mott took first with 37 team points, while Midland had 96 points, and third-place Port Huron Northern had 108.

Greer finished the 4K run with a time of 12 minutes, 50.1 seconds. Also for the Chemics, Dylan Rocha was 16th (13:34), Connor Legge 17th (13:35.1), Max Pasche 27th (13:48.3), and Jonathan Becker 29th (13:54.8).

The Chemics will compete at Bullock Creek’s Lancer Invitational at Stratford Woods on Saturday.”


ds 0829

I uploaded the pics from the race and showed them to JD. He fixated on this photo.

The course was a bit hilly and there was one last hill before the finish. The Waterford Mott runner that  finished just ahead of JD turned to look over his shoulder. JD was so upset that he had not seen that during the race, he thinks that the kid was unsure and vulnerable. Meaning JD should have been able to pass him…

ds 0829 1

He had me print it as large as I could and he taped it to his ceiling above his bed. Why? So it would fuel him  the rest of the season. He tells me “You never look back, turning your head means you are unsure. If you are unsure, I am not going to let you stay in front of me.”

Whatever works!

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