Friday, November 14, 2014

PL Week 33


The Littles were visiting today. We took them down to the park to get the wiggles out. They had a great time ringing that bell.

Syd and I stayed in Ann Arbor tonight to see the Docs first thing in the morning.


Syd is now the proud owner of hearing aids of her very own. The ones she was using were loaners until we decided to go this route. We had decided that about a second after she put them on! These are identical to the loaner ones so she know no difference.


Whoo Hoo! They are assembled, just need sanded and painted. Finally!


Oh these faces make it worth every second of building, sanding, sanding more and painting. They both have big girl beds and they could not be happier!


JD and I helped Brent unload the last of the big stuff at their new house. Then Lu Bean and he raced the plasma cars down the very steep driveway. Oh my this was so not a good idea! I keep thinking of the kids getting squished or skinning up their faces when they wipe out! (I an getting so old!)


08162014 1

I got my hair cut and colored. I always love it right after I get it done; it is all styled, it feels good, smells good and just makes me smile!



From Hubby’s Facebook post:

Saturday night's alright! Sorry couldn't resist the Elton John reference
Here was the crew of racers from last night's Panda Bear night run.
JD was the fast one of the pack, coming in 3rd overall in the 1/2 marathon. Nice job!
I think we all had a good time though. Really enjoy this night race, temps are decent and it just seems peaceful.

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