Friday, November 14, 2014

PL Week 32


1st day of XC camp. JD is super excited, he loves this week and looks forward to it all year. That is because of Coach and Mrs. Coach, they make this team a awesome experience. Sadly this is the last time JD will be here as a team member, this is the first of the lasts for his senior year! I am thrilled to be here to experience this last with him.


Today was the 1st Vasa run, JD and 3 of his friends were the last one back which means they went the farthest in 18 minutes up this trail. On Thursday they will do this again to break the record. JD holds this record from last year and this year he want to bring his team with him to beat the record and then some.



Another day and another record to try and beat. This morning they ran Alligator hill and then we drove right to the Dune climb. JD is tied for the dry climb record and holds the wet dune record. Today he did not beat the record but was close. BUT what amazed me the most is that he ran up this dune in 7:08 (minutes) and then turn right around and ran back down to help the other team members that needed encouragement. He was amazing and it brought tears to my eyes to witness.  He may have been the first to do it but most everybody that finished did this as well, this is an awesome team.


Vasa again and 6, yes 6, of them beat the record of the furthest to run in 20 minutes. Coach says that he has records as far back as 20 years and that the have 6 of them go that far in 20 minutes is extraordinary.  This is going to be a great year for this team. The tradition is to run the trail and then take a dip in this ice cold stream. The boys did push-ups in the icy water. 


Today we pack up camp and headed home. This was a great week and I am so glad that I chaperoned this year, to see what this means to the team is a great honor. I see why JD loves this and why is eager to return next year as an alumni member. I took 975 photos this week!


The family went to G-town to play Whiffle ball to raise money for Avery Miller. The boys played and we cheered them on.



This Training mask is supposed to help  JD run faster, it simulates running at higher altitudes. Lets see if he wears it longer than a weekSmile

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