Thursday, November 13, 2014

PL Week 31


JD turned 18 today! 18! How could this be, he was just a little boy like just yesterday! He has grown into a very capable young man that we are so very proud of.

DJ made him a chocolate cheese cake that was so yummy.


“Hey what you doin’” Little man asked JD as he walked by, his face close to his phone. So JD stopped to  showed them the game he was playing and they were mesmerized by it for quite some time. Little Man asked questions and JD would tell him how to do this or that. It was nice to see him interact with them.


McD’s is giving mini Beanie Babies with the Happy Meals right now. CJ was thrilled to find that they each have a birthday and as luck would have it the little guys birthday was today! She threw a little party for the bear and I picked up cupcakes for the “party”. CJ was overjoyed that we played along with this. The cupcakes helpedSmile


Hubby went for a run and I tagged along on my bike. I just got fenders and a mirror for my bike. I thought it was neat that I could peek at him running when I was ahead of him.


Hubby is prepping my van for the trip to XC camp. I am going up as a chaperone for the week and will need to haul the kids to some of the activities. 


These two fussed most of the evening about each other. I threated to separate them tonight if they did not stop the bickering. It got quiet and I was so happy. When I check on them they were sharing a bed yet again. Wonders never cease!


I was fed up with JD’s lack of planning for this coming week’s camp (it was late afternoon and he still had not started his laundry: we are leaving first thing in the morning!) So Hubby and I took the girls for a bike ride so I could get away from it. We stopped at the park just down the road and the girls had a great time. This was a good decision.

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