Thursday, November 13, 2014

PL Week 30


I took the girls to see Planes Fire & Rescue in 3D. They loved it. It was the first movie they had seen in 3D. The bonus: We only had 1 potty break during the movie which is great improvement over the last movie.


MJ got a job! She will be working as a cashier for a small pharmacy and gift shop. She is so nervous but it will be a good opportunity for her. Yay!


The girls got some IPad time while I sewed this afternoon. They enjoy picking the show to watch on Netflix and being in control of the volume and such.  It is hard to get control of the TV when you a the youngest of 4 kids.


I have been sending emails to college coaches. Asking if they might have an interest in JD. I got some emails back really fast with interest and others have ignored me as of yet. This is my first go round with this so not sure what I was expecting but I am pushing forward.

We had a college visit today at EMU. Jake was pleased with the campus and we were pleasantly surprised at the cost. Sadly it appears to have a high rate of crime in the the dorms and not a good rating in safety in the surrounding city. We are scratching it off the list.


Finally re-started construction on the girl’s beds. Ugh, it has been a year since I began this project.  CJ asked me again today how her bed was going and the guilt got to me. Not completed but the second bed it almost put together as the end of the day….


The 5 Fitz’s signed on their new house today! YAY!

This is a picture looking up from the living to the second floor and loft space. The painter will come in a few weeks to give it much need color. Brent is changing the rails to a glass 1/2 wall, Little Man has already got his head stuck and the rails look like a ladder to him. Oh my!

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