Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL Week 29


The Littles are hanging with me for bit. These two are growing so fast. Little Miss was  very entertained  with a bucket and a handful of beaded necklaces. She would put them all in one at time and then pull them all out  one at a time, over and over again. Love this!


It has been awhile since I woke next this cute face. She has been doing great at staying asleep all night and in her own bed. I know I am getting a better night’s sleep with her in her own bed, she is cover stealer and a flopper but very cute.


JD is official a food hawker at the Loons Stadium. He thinks he will like this job. It is seasonal but that will work out great for him and his fall running schedule.


“Hey mom, look I am a rapper!” Where does she get this stuff? What a ham. She was super cute with the posing and all that I snap few photos, she had to see each photo and readjust herself to get the “best look” the one on the right was the winner for her! Oh my we are in for so fun with this one…..


Finally Hubby shaved his facial hair. He goes through these moods where he wants to grow a beard but has never been able to grow much of one. But each time he thinks it will be different or hopes it will. This time I think he let it grow the longest, it was driving me nuts. He surprised me by shaving it and I am so pleaseSmile 



We all went to Gaylord this morning for a race. Danny is in town for a family get-together and ran as well. JD ran his first 10K and came in 1st with 35:02. Danny came in 3rd. All of them, Hubby and Michael included, won their age groups. Luther even came over to cheer on the Greer racers.


Who would have thought dollar store sandwich keepers would make the 30 or so puzzles we own a new hit with the girls. Then must have put them all together a couple time today and were eager to put them away too! A win win for all. The new puzzle containers saved me a ton of space as well, we went from 2 overflowing drawers of puzzle boxes to 1/3 of 1 drawer all neatly lined up and easy to see for them to see what puzzle they want. Another win win.

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