Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL Week 28


Lilly is visiting us. She is the queen when she is here. Ruby defers to her, even avoids her at times but Pepper is too old to care and ignores her. We spoil her and let her sleep with us, I miss having a dog to sleep with.


I convinced JD to do a ride along to Syd’s appointment. I really don’t like the drive to Ann Arbor by myself with Syd, she always needs something when I am flying down the expressway at 70 MPH. We were there to get the hearing aid on the right side. She was not thrilled with it but left it in all the way home. Good sign.



I was just sitting on the couch watching a TV show, JD plopped down and continued playing his PSP. On a commercial break I turned to look at him and this is what I saw! Tissue was stuck to his foot and he was none the wiser! What a goofball.

07102014 2x3 set before print

Looks like it is a good day to take a run! Hubby has a new app that takes temp, winds, pollen counts and other factors and rates the day to let you know if today would be a good day to run. Really, I have clue how our ancestors ever survived with out apps;> I  would think looking out a window might give you a clue as wellWinking smile Poor Hubby took a ribbing for telling me about this app.

07112014 1

CJ woke in the morning and asked to get her hair cut. Well, she seems to be like her mum, there are just some days that I just can’t take it anymore and it just needs to be cut. Lucky for us JC Penney’s salon had an opening and it worked out perfectly for us. The stylist even showed me a trick to deal with her long bangs that she really want to grow out like MJ’s. Thank goodness, I was ready have them whacked off!


What better way to take  a bike ride but with wings on! We got many smiles and comments from people that were out and about and Syd just just loved it. I think the wings might become a regular pieces of equipment for bike rides.


Where has the time gone! MJ is acting so very grown up. She asked me for a mirror for her room so she could use her desk as a makeup table. And on a random Saturday afternoon, nowhere special to go, I found her practicing applying eye shadows. Before long she will be heading off the college and I will not get glimpse of this…. Ok looks like I getting over emotional, we are talking colleges with JD and it all too much for me, sniff sniff.

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