Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL Week 27


Woo Hoo the sprinklers are up and running! Hubby finally called and got someone in to fix it. Now come August we will not have the brownest lawn on the block!


Yup I am finally updating the blog, I have been having too much fun this summer to do it so I am not complaining. Can’t promise it will be smooth sailing from here though, life is getting really really busy around here.


Getting ready for the 4th of July party at Grammie’s. I was moaning about having sooo much to do so Hubby volunteered to help. Turns out he is a pretty good chopper. Thanks a bunch babe.


Yet another tooth for the tooth fairy. This one was a job to get out though. CJ was unwilling to wiggle it and was babying it for the last few weeks. It was only dangling by a couple strands and she was afraid it would hurt to just pull it. We tried talking her through it for about 30 minutes before she agreed to let JD help. (She thought he was gone and she could just leave it alone for the night but he was just in the basement hee hee) She did let him pull it after she freaked out a bit at seeing him. All is well that ends well!


JD got a lesson in changing brakes and rotors. Hubby said he did a really nice job and my Van no longer shimmies when I brake, so I am happy.


4th of July fun at Grammie’s. She had a great time swinging with the kids. The green swing is the most wanted seat on the swing set; it is the newest one. The grandkids kept arguing over who’s turn it was on it so Grammie claimed it.  Problem solved at least for the moment.


We traveled to Davidson for a family member’s funeral service. We ended up taking the round-a-bout way there because of the the holiday traffic back ups. The ride home North was smooth sailing for us.

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