Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL Week 26


A slurpie walk with all the girls. Look at the heights, it won’t be long before Lu Bean is MJ’s height or taller!


“Nice night for DQ.” That is what CJ told us! She is her father’s daughter when it comes to sweet treats. We took the whole gang but these 2 would not sit still for a proper pic so I will just show you all the true picture of Hubby and JD sitting so close together.


Holly moly I have been sewing up a storm. Sewing these Burp cloths creates what looks like a snow storm in my sewing room with all the stuff the chenille sheds when it is cut. They do not shed once it is all sewed up just when it is cut thankfully.


We turned JD’s training run into a family event. He ran while the rest of us rode our bikes, yes we even got MJ out with us! This is a look at what’s behind me and what is in front of me. Loving Summer!


Another bike trip today. These two are loving the tandem bike trailers. We took them to Plymouth park to play on the newly reopened play structure. They were not eager to leave.


This morning CJ and Hubby got up early to take a longer than normal bike ride. They went about 10 miles but CJ wanted to ride 30 miles to Clare so she was a bit of a grump when I picked them up.

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