Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL Week 25


I whipped up Little Man a super awesome little back pack. He is very into super heroes at the moment. He LOVED it.

I used Betz White’s Jet Pack pattern but shrank it a bit to be better suited for a 3 year old. 


Oh, the fun of summer and cousins! Lu Bean spent the day with us and entertained the girls.  Sadly the water balloons were a bit old and sprung holes as they filled them but we move the operation outdoors and all was well, they wanted to get wet anywaysSmile


Hubby is off in MN for work and we are sharing our summer fun with him via FaceTime.


Little Man could not be the only one with a Jet Pack back pack! I made  Little Miss one with butterfly fabric. She loves it and so do the girls, looks like I might need to make more!


I took the kids to the pool this afternoon and on the bulletin board I found 3 pics of CJ from this spring’s swim class. What a nice surprise.


It is looking a lot more like a home! The Fitzy’s are all moved in and filling it out nicely. Brent mowed the weeds and it appears to have a lawnSmile


CJ asked for a back pack to carry her treasure around, and she always has lots of treasures. This time I tried Chris W Designs Amy Back Pack. I used purple and green butterfly fabric from Joann’s that CJ picked out. I tweaked the pattern a bit and made the bottom portion  a bit different . I wanted it to be darker so it would not look dirty as fast.

Syd has already placed her order for one…….

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