Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PL Week 24


Phew, Finally we have the house in G-town livable! Just in time to have the Fitzy’s  move in while the they wait on the close of their new home.

I am proud of Hubby for sticking to it for the last nine or ten years. We (older kids and I) have not always been supportive of the project and it slowed things down considerably.


Moving day for the Fitzy’s! Not that they have not been moving boxes for the last monthSmile Today was the final, have everything out day. It was long day for them and an emotional one as well.


LAST day of school! WOW this week is just full of BIG days! CJ is sad to be leaving as usually, she always makes great connections with her teachers.

I was a mess at Syd’s class! She is moving on to public school. We are leaving the cocoon of ESA and I am nervous for her! She is very ready so I need to just get on board with her. It is hard, she is my baby.

JD and MJ are typical teens and have no issue leaving school for two and half months. They get to sleep in and stay up late.

Hubby may not like working from home with 4 kids but we are all going to have to figure it out!


Syd turns 6 today! And yes I bought her a drum for her birthday! She taps on everything with pencils anyway so it was not a difficult decision.

As with every birthday she has I sit in wonder at how far she has come from last year. She is a trooper and never ceases to make me smile at her eager attitude. look out world Syd is 6 and ready for school. I hope school is ready for her!


North Country Relay is always a great time. It is a full day of driving/running/hanging out with great people. Hubby becoming a runner and moving to Midland has opened us up to friends we might not have ever meet otherwise. Love those shorts BillSmile


From Hubby’s Facebook post:

“Happy Father's Day to my late father. This picture is from Mom and Dad's wedding day. He probably didn't know what he was getting himself into as far the passel of kids he would end up raising but we're glad he took the plunge.
He was full of stories, trying to use them as lessons on life. I wasn't usually patient enough to listen to what those stories really had to say. I'd gladly sit and listen to them all again if I had the chance.”

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