Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PL Week 23


The girls new favorite activity, riding tandem. This is our solution to Syd refusing to ride her bike. Hubby and I love to take bike rides around the city and we had to do it without the girls. That was not a very family friendly thing to do. So we invested in a Wee Rider and so far so good.


Today marks the end of swim class for CJ. She will need to repeat this level probable a couple more times, she is still afraid to do may of the things that are required to move up. We will sign her up again in the fall.


Yup, this is what it looks like. Syd could not bare to stop watching her show long enough to use the rest room. Sometimes the convenience of watching TV anywhere is not the best thing.


Tonight was Author’s Tea for CJ’s class.  Parents were invited in for the ‘young author’ to share the various books they have created throughout the year.  CJ’s special book was about Hubby’s marathon from a week or so ago, It made his night.


Another weekend, another race Smile

This time it was my brother Brent’s race, a 5K obstacle course race.  He is newer to racing and really likes the obstacle runs.  He did very well, finishing 2nd in his heat!

In this pic, he’s crossing a river/creek using a rope bridge.  Pretty exciting stuff!


All it took was a small watercolor paint pallet from school to start this obsession for these two. Every waking moment they are at this table painting. I am sure the interest will wane as soon as the next thing comes along but for now they are happy as clams to sit side by side and create art.

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