Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PL Week 22


My brother, who has been losing his hair for quite some time, decided to take the plunge and shave his head.  Hubby, in a show of solidarity (and because the weather is warmer) got his “summer haircut” and shaved his head too.  My brother, not to be outdone, took a razor to his head and shaved even the stubble off.  Hubby said “he wins”, getting a haircut without the guard on the clippers is close enough for him.  Hubby gets the last laugh though because his hair grows back Smile 


CJ has become a reading machine. Here she’s reading her book before school, waiting for the bus to come.  We love having avid readers in the family Smile


Tonight brings the end of a great track season.  This is a picture of JD with his coaches and distance running teammates from the track team.  It’s good to see our kids surrounded with such a good bunch of other kids and have good role models like the coaches.


CJ and Syd share a room.  They frequently stay well up past their bedtime playing and goofing off in their room.  Tonight, for some unknown reason, they decided that they would both sleep in the same bed as well.  We only hope that they stay as close when they get older.


I had a “date” with my Hair Lady and Syd and her cousins got to hang with Grammie during the whole transformation.

The weather is so nice and there are no skeeters as of yet so we let them play outside and have a ball.


Another week, another race/run.  Hubby and JD ran a trail 1/2 marathon with family friends John and Jonathan in Grayling.  JD got 2nd overall while Hubby took a wrong turn and ended up running around in the woods before finally backtracking his way to the starting line.  Not quite what he was planning, but he enjoyed a good run on the trails.


Time for the annual (sometimes more often) ‘Yoda cleaning.  Always love getting it back from being detailed – the guys at Bob’s do a nice job!

Now if we could just get the kids to take such good care of it Smile

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