Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PL Week 21


Syd has a mind of her own sometimes.  On Sunday, while we were working on the washer/dryer, the girls were playing outside.  They were supposed to leave their shoes on while playing on the deck.  Syd did not and ended up with a monster sliver in her foot.  Part of it came out on Sunday but the biggest piece (almost 3/8” long) didn’t come out until Monday, after it festered up.  We first thought it was a cut in her toe, not realizing that it was really a big sliver.  Ouch Sad smile 


I had a solo trip to Ann Arbor with Syd. Things went smoothly as far as the driving and such. She even let the doctor pull out the packing and remove the band aid for the most part. When she had enough, she told him “That’s it, you can’t use that (Tweezers) in my ear again, we are all done.” The Doctor laughed at that and agreed it was enough for one day.

She has a spit fire in her that will hopefully make her life easier than if she were the wall flower.


JD’s last track meet of the year.  It was also the hottest meet and he didn’t fare well with the high temps.  He was fading on the last couple laps of the 2 mile when one of his teammates caught up with him. That was just the inspiration he needed to finish strong Smile


Besides her assertive personality, Syd also has a silly side.  This pic was of her just being a ham, wearing the cowgirl hat and acting funny.  We love (almost) all of her various personalities and are just thankful at how outgoing she has become.


This is our campsite for the weekend of the 2014 Bayshore Marathon.  Thanks to Hubby’s big brother, Luther, we were sleeping in style in the bus!  It had all the creature comforts of home.  The 6 of us filled it full of people.  The girls loved the campground, especially with a swing set being just behind our camping spot.


1 This was the girls first big race as spectators and they enjoyed cheering everyone on from the sidelines. They were so very excited when runners would slap their hands.

2 This is Hubby crossing the finish line of his 2nd full marathon.  The arms in the air pose was at my request.  I wanted a picture of him like that.  He was faster than last year but not as fast as he wanted to be, so he wouldn’t have been celebrating if not for my asking him to.

3 JD ran out to walk one of his distance coaches in that was nursing a foot injury.

4 Hubby and big brother Michael gathered for their typical post race picture.  One of the things Hubby has enjoyed about running is the time it has allowed him to spend with Michael.  They’ve probably spent  more quality time together in the last 5 years than they did in the previous 40. Michael has been a good mentor and friend and Hubby appreciates him very much.



Check out time at the campground on Sunday.  Big brother Luther came over to take the bus back home. Hubby loves his brother.  When they get together, the family’s gift of gab comes out - they could talk for hours.  One of the few downsides of our moving to the city has been that Hubby doesn’t get to see Luther as often as he used to.

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