Sunday, June 22, 2014

PL Week 20


From calm to sound asleep to crabby in the matter of 2 hours. Going home with a snazzy head wrap was a surprise and a point of frustration for Syd. I got the pleasure of riding the 2 and half hours home with her re-buckling her seat belt a dozen times for the first hour. Thankfully, this wrap can come of in 24 hours. Syd and I are counting the hours…

Nothing new to report as far as her hearing goes. This surgery was to widen the opening of her ear canal, to make fitting a hearing aid more easy.  


19 years. That is how long I have had the pleasure of spending my life as his wife. For LOAD day 19 I created a LO that sums it up nicely:

LOAD514 13


Wrap is off and we are left with a band-aid to keep the packing inside.  A sterile strip where the skin graft is behind her ear. She seems ok with it so far, she is thrilled to have the wrap off.



Syd had her last day of Young 5’s today. They put on a little performance of all the things they learned. She was the one to show the paper mache piggies they made and she got to oink. She was so proud of herself.

Lucy is her first best friend, they took dance together and talk non-stop about each other. Warms my heart.


CJ and her class had been incubating eggs which hatched into little chicks earlier this month.  The kids were having a great time raising them and parents were invited to come in and see the fun as well.  Hubby kept his promise to CJ and made a visit to her class before the chicks moved from the class to the farm.  She loves those chicks so much, such a big heart for a little girl.

05162014 2

JD ran the big Regional 10 Division One meet. Competition is tough in this region. He only ran the 3200 and placed 7th. He time was a new PR at 9:46.18 but he did not make States. He was happy with his time but disappointed that he failed to make states.


Prom 2014, JD and DJ were a great looking couple. It was rainy and the outdoor pics were not as fun.

edited_IMG_3726Edited_IMG_3742Edited_IMG_3762Edited_IMG_3753Edited_IMG_3760Edited_IMG_3820 Edited_IMG_3784


Sunday was a glimpse into the dual life we still lead. 

The day started with Hubby going to cheer on some family friends at a local race.  He bicycled about 5 miles out of town, did some cheering, and then biked back home.

The afternoon was spent at the Kentucky mansion, getting the washer and dryer stacked, hooked up, and ready for operation.

Someday soon (hopefully), our lives should be simpler Smile

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