Sunday, June 22, 2014

PL Week 19


I needed a photo of MJ (for a LO I was doing for LOAD) So being the technical savvy family that we are*, I thought a selfie would be the best.

My text to MJ: Text me an awesome selfie ASAP No ugly faces it is going on LO today

I received photo 1- not bad but not what I was looking for.

Me:Not straight on, more like this (Photo 2)

MJ: All I’ve got is that

Me: Take a new one

MJ: at lunch

MJ: will this work (photo 3)

Me:Look at that pic, the phone is the first thing you see.

MJ: that’s the best I got with that weird angle you want

Me: Don’t turn your phone at an angle. Turn you body 45 degrees to the phone, not tilted

MJ: But why?

Me: face on looks washed out just try it please.

MJ: okay later I’ll look stupid if I try now

ME ok

About an hour later

MJ:Can I come home? I’ve got a horrible headache

Me: I’ll come right now but I want to take a photo of youSmile (photo 4 along with 30 others with a variety of faces and smiles, but one that I could use on a LO) Happy Momma.

2014-05-05 15.28.08




This evening JD had a home meet. He finished 1st in the 1600 with a time of 4:37 and 1st in the 3200 with a time of 10:18. Only 3 more meets to go before the seasons ends and he still wants to PR in the 1600.


Oh boy, I was getting low on bowls in my cupboard and went searching the house. I found this pile of dishes in all their dirtiness in JD’s room. 7 bowls and spoons with dried oatmeal and 4 glasses with OJ and chocolate milk residue. Ugh.


Hubby is waiting at the airport. He snapped a pic of his after dinner snack to tease the kids with.

Hubby is a creature of habit.  When he’s at the Minneapolis airport, he likes to finish his trip with a turkey burger and mashed potatoes at TGI Fridays and then follow that up with a Blizzard from DQ.


The girls were eager to get out in the warmer weather. We were headed out for a walk and Pepper was assuming she was going with us. The girls were thrilled with the idea and soon we were all trotting down the sidewalk.  Surprisingly, Pepper is full of energy and pulled us from start to finished.


It was a beautiful day for a run and sunburn. JD had a very long meet in Hemlock. He ran 1 race (second to last race of the day) the 3200. He finished 1st with a 10:03.50. Hubby and I were sitting in  the shade most of the day or so we thought, our legs were in the sun and got more than a bit crispy.


Happy Happy Mother’s Day. Today was a whirl wind of travel. We went to G-town to visit with the Grandmas  and then to Ann Arbor for the night. Syd has hopefully her last surgery on her right ear.

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