Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PL week 18


Syd insists that Hubby share his lunch with her. She eats the noodles and he is left with chicken and veggies. He fusses about it but I secretly think it is the best way to spend his lunch time.

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Happy Happy Birthday to our super special 7 year old CJ. She is a reading machine, a smiling wonder of energy and lover of all things crafty, pink and sparkly. She has a heart of gold and her Daddy wrapped around her finger.

The poor girl has to spend her birthday at school and then straight to a dance rehearsal. Now that she is a 1st grader, it is the big dance recital. Read that as a 2.5-3 hour recital. The rehearsal went to 9 PM. So we celebrated on the 30th with cupcakes, presents and singing the birthday song. She did however celebrate at school on her birthday with mini cupcakes and ice cream.   


Another super busy day.  I had a bunch of errands to run in the AM, I had a cart full of extra cute kids while we zoomed around the store. Syd was so very helpful with her cousins.

CJ performed like a champ at her dance recital. She claims this is the last dance class she will take, but we will see if she changes her mind.

JD had a big meet at Bay City Western. The girls and I zoomed over there after CJ’s last dance. We made it in time to watch JD run his 3200 race. He came in 2nd and broke 10:00!!!! His time was 9:48.63. He was a happy boy.


The rule is no dogs on the couch but this old girl does not care. Knowing how hard it is for her to  climb up here, I don’t have the heart to make her get down. She looked so cozy with her head on the pillow, she was even snoring softly until I snapped a few pictures.


The tooth fairy brought CJ a few dollars and she bought a Barbie microphone. Syd has taken a keen liking to it. These are clips from a video Hubby took upon Syd’s request. She does not make a sound just mouths sorta the words.

We think it is cute but I will let you be the judge, here is the video:

Syd “singing”
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