Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PL Week 17


Loons Race is this weekend and I volunteered to fold t-shirts again this year. I only had to fold 500 this year. All the extra moving around unpacking, folding, and repacking the boxes earned me 21,911 steps!


We have decided to move from the BAHA to a hearing aid on Syd’s left ear. It is a trial at this point, but in the few days she has worn it, we already see a difference. She will need at least one more surgery on the right ear but we are going to hold off on the surgery plans for the left ear and see if hearing aids will work for her.  Once  the right ear heals from the upcoming surgery, it too will be fitted for a hearing aid. Looks like it should be the week that school gets out.


Syd had another dance rehearsal. She is still not happy about the denim overalls, but she did wear them out on stage. She really did not dance much, but it is a step in the right direction.

I promised to give her flowers if she dances both of her dances on Saturday at the recital. She seems to be eager to earn flowers so we will see. She is just getting to be bribable, but it is hit or miss at times. In the end, she is still the one controlling this and no amount of bribing will sway her in her distaste of these denim overalls.


Today was the Graves Swayze Relays. The whole meet is nothing but relays and the kids love it. JD ran in 3 relays, PR’ing in his 800 split with a 2:02.


Busy day: Loons Race for JD and CJ. JD took 1st place overall with a 16:54! A reporter called him and he was quoted in the paper.

Greer, meanwhile, was the male and overall winner in 16 minutes, 54 seconds — only about 15 hours after having competed in the Graves/Swayze Relays on Friday night.

“It was a surprise. It felt pretty good,” Greer said. “I wasn’t expecting to go out that fast.”

Greer, a junior at Midland High, said he also ran the Loons Pennant Race in his freshman year and took third overall.” From the Midland Daily News.”

CJ ran the the 1 mile race and came in 5th overall! She took off so fast that we thought for sure she would not be able to stay in front of the herd of other milers for long. Hubby ran with her. He tells me that when she slowed down and wanted to walk, she would turn to see the other kids coming and would not let them pass. She was the youngest one to finish in the top ten. (See how giddy Daddy is in the photoSmile)

Syd had her dance recital right after the race. She did dance both numbers and I did give her flowers. I also switched out the bib overalls for denim looking leggings. (I have been around the Syd willfulness long enough to know when I am beat)

Here are the dance videos, I did not want to invite the extended family as I did not think she would even dance once she got up there.

Syd’s first Tap number
Syd’s Second Tap Number


What looks like just a messy bed is  actually a bed full of Syd. She refused to wake up and even grumped when I turned on the light. It was past 9 in the morning. She was pooped out from all the activities of yesterday.

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