Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PL Week 15


Today was Syd’s first dental cleaning. We put it off the last couple years as she was so afraid of any doctor and would just scream when they came near her. But she has has been getting better. The more she can hear, the better she has become about many things.

Our dentist has an awesome staff that takes the time to make this experience special for all the kids. Syd got to wear special glitzy butterfly glasses, which she wanted to bring home. She was not as open mouthed as CJ, but they got the job done with no tears! Phew!


First outdoor meet of the season. JD came home with a 1st place in the 1600 with a 4:43 and a first place win in the 3200 with a 10:33. Neither were PRs for him, but great times for the beginning of the season.


Dress rehearsals for Syd’s dance class. Ugh, lets just  say she has the will of steel! She refused to go onstage with her tap custom on, it was denim overalls. She was still so upset for the other tap number with the blue skirt that she just stood there with a grumpy face on while the other girls danced around her. She did however go out for a bow with the rest of the girls. Progress?


I picked up a fresh pair of Sketchers Go Walks. I loved my pair last year and needed new ones as I had wore them done. When Grammie explained the color she bought, I thought maybe they were the same and guess what… they are!

I walked 15,029 steps in these just today.


JD had another meet today, SVSU this time. He came in 1st in the 1600 with a 4:39.03 and 1st in the 3200 with a 10:06.8. His goal is to get below 10 minutes in the 3200 and 4:20 in the 1600.


These are the Perler beads that I spent a couple weekends melting, my DIY enamel dots. They look all pretty in the divided container, which makes me a bit giddy.Smile I will be using them on my scrapbook pages in place of the expensive enamel dots that are all the rage.


Our Friends have a two daughters. 4 years ago their oldest was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 9. She is now 13, doing well and is cancer free.

Her younger sister is 9 and, sadly, just was diagnosed with the very same cancer. We are all wearing teal to support Avery Miller. She is a tough cookie with awesome parents and they would like us all to say a prayer for them.

She has a Caring Bridge site  set up. You will have to create an account with Caring Bridge to see it but it is free.

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