Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 PL Week 14 Spring Break


CJ is secretly taking a begin to swim class at the community center. It is a secret because Syd can’t find out that CJ is going swimming every day this week or else she will be very upset. Syd cannot get water in her ear yet. So every morning CJ and I leave for an “appointment” with her suit and towel in a bag and everyone stays happy.


I bought a bucket of 1,100 Perler beads with about 29 different colored beads all mixed together. MJ thought it would be fun the separate the colors (I secretly hoped she would find this fun as I wanted them separated for what I was planning for them.) After about 3 hours of being hunched over the table neither one of us thought it was fun anymore.


Today was warmer and we thought it was the perfect day to trek to Dow Gardens to see the butterflies. I think most of Midland thought the same thing as the conservatory was  packed. Syd was afraid of the flying butterflies but the ones that were sitting still were ok. The girls were super excited to see a large frog in the water display. We made it a quick trip because of the crowds.


The begin to swim class finished up today. CJ did 3 things that she was afraid of: going under water, getting tipped over in a canoe and going down the twisty water slide (mostly because you go underwater when you exit into the pool). She handle all three very well with no tears and triumphant   smile on her face when it was all done. She will be going to swim classes in few weeks so I hope she will still think it was fun.


We became members of the Midland Community center this week. With all the exercise classes, pools and activates they offer  we should stay busy for the next year. Tonight they had a family night and we got MJ to climb the rock wall, she did great going up but coming down was a bit nerve wracking for her. 

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JD’s girlfriend, DJ, has been away all week on a cruise. He has missed her and had no contact with her at all (international waters and her phone was shut off.) She returned this evening and JD surprised her with flowers and her favorite candy. He even wore a tie!

04052014 04062014

Consumers came through and cleared their easements. The road that backs up our house lost many trees, we lost a few big ones. Due the clearing the back of our property the extra-long fence posts were way more exposed so we did something we should have done 4 years ago when were installed the fence: cut the posts!

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