Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 PL Week 12


How to catch a Leprechaun? If you were to ask CJ she would tell you to gather anything and everything green or sparkly. Place it in a small container in a quiet dark place and wait. This is just what she did but there were no Leprechauns nor pots of gold in the morning. But she has faith that next year it will work.


Thanks to Amazon, Frozen was delivered to our door this afternoon in time for the kids to get home from school. They all plopped down to watch it about 4 times this evening alone.


Nearly like my mom’s chicken noodle soup. Except it is a bit thicker and tastes like too many peas were added. De-boning the roasted chicken was… Ummmm…. gross. I think I will let my mom make this and I will enjoy it so much more.


Yay! CJ finally did it! She passed the Addition and Subtraction timed test! The teacher sent this note home to let us know and we celebrated with ice cream & sprinkles!


The 2nd gross thing I did this week… I pulled my first tooth. Well, it was Syd’s tooth but it was I that yanked it out! She has been babying this tooth for weeks now. The permanent tooth had already broke the surface and the baby tooth was starting to push outward and look a bit snarly. This is normally dad’s thing but she was not letting him near her. She may not want me near her the next time either now.


CJ is having a great week at school. She passed her math tests and earned a Book-it award. We took her to Pizza Hut to turn in her award this afternoon. Way to go Boo!


Syd’s afternoon class created dragon art for the Library to display. She had a wonderful time picking out her classmates dragon pictures. Of course her dragon is all pink.

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