Sunday, March 9, 2014

Syd’s hearing and latest test

On the 26th of February Syd had a hearing test. She was 3 weeks post op from the latest reconstruction of her right ear canal. 

Her ear still has a bit of packing and what is left of  an antibacterial sponge that did not fully dissolve yet (all to be removed March 10th).

Before the surgeries she had no ear drums and only partial ear canals on both sides. Her hearing was at 70Db in both ears. The right ear to date has had 6 surgeries/procedures under anesthesia. The left ear is yet to be fixed.

Her hear test showed that her right ear is at 30Db! With all the stuff that is still in there it bound to get better after if removed.

To better understand what this means I have a visual for you:


This is called the speech banana. You can see that all forms of speech fall within this banana shape. Syd can now hear most all speech sound with her right hear but in her left ear she cannot hear any.


At 30Db she is in the Mild hearing loss category, only 5 away from normal and the need for no hearing aid! Which is so  much more than we hoped for.

To give a better understanding and perspective of what these levels of hear loss mean to us  Syd’s hearing specialist shared a link with me.

I was blown away at the differences and we are so very glad that Syd has the chance to get her hearing fixed.


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