Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 PL Week 9


This one is silly but Hubby took it and he thought for sure I would delete it.

Some days this is just too much to do for me. Add in a broken front facing camera on the iPad and I have to spend extra time researching this problem. It is a big problem because it renders Facetime with Dad difficult for the girls.

While Hubby and I Facetimed on my phone I was researching and was distracted. Hubby commented on this many times during our video chat. So I was giving him a cheesy grin when we said our goodbyes and he screen capped it!


Lunch date with Grammie! AppleBees’s is our favorite spot. It is always nice when I can spend time with my mom.


Syd and I had our first solo trip to Mott’s. The ear mold was not fitting at all. They shaved it down to be nothing but a small tube but it still would not work. She had to get another blue blob in her ear instead.

The best news…. they tested her hearing…… the right still has a bit of packing/antibacterial sponge that failed to dissolve (so not a clear ear canal)  but it tested at 30 Db! Before surgery it was 70 Db, the left ear is still at 70 Db.

Check this post for more on what this might mean for her.


What a difference Hubby was sitting in –15 degrees and we were at 5 degrees. There is no place like home!


Okay I spoke too soon! –18! The girls are saying it, BRRRRRR!


Hubby took JD to play real pool. JD was play 8 ball pool on his phone and thinking he was so good at pool. So they went out Frick’s and played for a couple hours together. JD want to make this a regular thing and buy a pool table for home! I nixed the idea!

(The pervious home owners did have a pool table set up in the basement with the lights and all but that is now my scrap space and don’t see me giving that up for a pool table)

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