Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 PL Week 8


A very long day! We left early this morning for an afternoon surgery for Syd. She was just having the packing removed and a mold made to hopefully hold the skin graph open. Uneventful Doc says it all looks good - she even kept the ice cream down the whole way home.

The trip home was a bit sketchy though, near white out conditions most of the way home. When is the winter going to end!

Hubby returned from his run covered in ice crystals. I am always amazed that he really enjoys this stuff!


Look what can happen to perfectly clean living room when mom spends an hour in the basement scrapbooking! I could hear them having fun but was not expecting this mess!


Syd had a field trip this afternoon to the Gymnastics club here in town. She had a blast but was a bit timid about jumping in the cheese pit at the end if the trampoline.

The blue blob in her ear seems to be a non issue, I thought for sure she would want it out ASAP.


Our new bed arrived! MJ and I attempted to haul it upstairs but we ended up needing JD’s help. This was Hubby’s idea but I think MJ and I will reap the most reward.  MJ has acquired our old mattress, now her and Ruby are in heaven.  Going from a twin to queen is a big jump for these twoSmile


Hubby brought home his picture frame from his office. I decided that he should not be the only one to enjoy it in his home office. I loaded it with all our Project Life photos from the last 4 years and my LOs. I propped it the ladder shelf and waited for everyone to notice.  It has been a hit with everyone in the house.

I have witness everyone, including myself,  stop and just watch as the photos change and memories are remembered. I especially love to see 2 photos pop up of the same person but that are years apart. An awesome addition to our home.


With the bed swapping going on the girls have acquired MJ’s mattress and frame. With this addition to their room something had to go so we took apart the toddler beds and have temporally plopped CJ’s toddler mattress on the floor until I can get her a twin. (And finish the beds I am building……ugh this cold winter)

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