Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 PL Week 7


What do you do when your morning routines is a bit off? Well, if you are the girls and you wake up extra early on a Monday but Dad is not able to Facetime {because he is in the air} you play a bit on the ipad instead!


“Hey mom come look what I taught Syd to do!” is what I heard from the kitchen. “We are making our hair extra long”

I decided it was the perfect position for a belly tickle!


This is what $260 looks like! These are ADD supplements for JD. I sure hope they work but I also hope that some of them will be unnecessary  in the near future because this is not a monthly expense I want to continue long term!


Dinner date with mom. MJ’s choice! {very few options are out there for miss picky} but Pizza Hut is a winner.


Valentine’s date with Hubby. Dinner and a movie, how sweet! Butttt…he took me to the wrong movieWinking smile We  wanted to see Winter’s Tale but did not know the title. He bought tickets to Endless Love which the title seemed to fit the trailers we had seen. We did not realize the mistake until we were about 15 minutes into the movie. {Endless Love is a great movie if you are a teenage girl.} But we did enjoy our night together. Thanks Babe.


Oh man! Syd lost another tooth! CJ upset! This second tooth has been super loose all week and I was hoping it was not going to fall out while Hubby was away as this stuff grosses me out. Thankfully it was Hubby that convinced her to finally get it out.


I realized that we have been suffering through this very cold winter and I have yet to document our snowfall. So here it is Mid February’s snow accumulation. Brrr has been my word for this year so far!

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