Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 PL week 11

03102014 2

If one bun makes beautiful curls what will 4 buns do? Well…. not what we hoped to happen! But she did have the buns in for well over 12 hours. I did her hair about 2 pm on Sunday and she went to stay at the Fitzy’s for the night. The next morning I got a text from Heather with the photo attached! That is some hair do!


This is the hardest part for me. Walking into recovery and see her hooked to tubes and wires. I don’t doubt our decision to have her ear repaired but all these surgeries…they get to me.

She is getting better at waking up and not having a fit about the IV now that they order vanilla ice cream for her. She is a tough cookie but I just hate that she has to go through this at all.


We had parent teacher conferences for CJ tonight. While we waited our turn we read the things posted in the hall. These kids are creative.

CJ is soaring with her reading, she is reading about 3 months ahead of schedule. {so she is at where the average 1st grader is at the end of 1st grade} She is struggling a bit in math with timed test. She know the answers and can get them right on regular math works sheets but put a timer on her and she mixes up the symbols. But overall the teacher loves her and had great things to say bout her.

Math summer school will be in the future I believe.


It was time for a spring hair cut. I do so love getting my hair done. Take me to dinner Hubby?


The boys ran in the Clare Irish Festival race. JD ran the 5K, got 3rd overall with 17:49 and 1st in his age group. The 1st place overall winner was in his age group though.

Hubby and Michael ran the 10k.  Hubby was 2nd in his age group with 46:15. Michael was was 1st for his age group with 53:06


I came down with the Norovirus again last night. Thank goodness it stopped with me. It was shorter duration this time around but wow it really  knocks your socks off. By this morning I was exhausted and sore and slept a lot on the couch most the day. MJ made me scrambled eggs but I could only eat a couple bites.  {The girls however had no problem finishing their eggs}

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