Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 PL Week 10


We tried something new with CJ’s hair. After bath last night I twisted her hair into a tight bun while it was wet and she slept on it. This morning when she woke she had beautiful curls. 

What the heck is with this weather, I am soo tired of winter!


Hubby is working from home this week. It is nice to sit across my sewing table and chat with him while he works and to snuggle on the couch and watch our TV shows together. This new job has it perks.


Momma got an upgrade! This baby is awesome. With my sewing skills improving I had out grown my borrowed machine. I doubt I will master this one anytime soon, it is computerized and threads the needle with a pull of a level. It can even sew without the presser foot, just push that green button and it does all the work!  I think I need to sew even more now so I get comfortable with it all.


Pepper is getting thinner. She has been refusing food and skipping meals here and there. This afternoon the boys coaxed her into eating with a bit of milk.

03072014 print smaller

Oh man, she is so cute in bib overalls! These are part of her dance costume. When they arrived I worried I bought the wrong size, they were so long! Hubby was amazed that they fit her to a tee! She is getting so tall.


I have been harassing MJ about the faces she makes when she sends Snap Chats to her friends. I just want to know what happened to smiling and looking pretty? I guess it is better than doing a duck face but just barely!


We are down at the hotel near Mott’s again. Syd is getting so used to these visits, she comes in and starts unpacking her bag and putting things away. She swipes the two note pads and pens instantly and puts them in the front pocket of her bag.  It is getting harder to entertain her while we are here. She wants to go for walks in the hall and ride the elevator all the time now. Hopefully we won’t have to do this many more times.

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