Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 PL Week 6



Today was long. Syd was scheduled for surgery at 10 but due to a issue with the surgery before hers and having the wrong equipment in her surgery suite they did not get started until 1:30. We arrived home around 8 after a very abrupt stop along the freeway near Flint. Syd vomited up the 3 things of Vanilla ice cream she gobbled down since her surgery. Grammies’ car will need detailing, it smells rather bad.

When they got into her ear they discovered that her skin graph shrank and was narrowing her ear canal. Doc was a bit amazed she could still hear from that ear. He redid her ear canal skin graph besides widening the opening of the ear canal. She has another donor site on her thigh and a majorly glued down band-aid on her ear.

When she woke after surgery, she looked down and noticed the donor site on her thigh, she said “ohhh it happened again!”  That got a chuckle out of the nurse, Grammie, and I.

After the ear canal heals Doc wants to insert a sort of tube that will be fitted to her ear canal to hold it open. It could be in place several months to even years depending on how it heals and whether or not she requires a hearing aid.


I was giving them a squeeze from Dad- Our nightly FaceTime call with Hubby is the one of the highlights of the girl’s day. The other is the morning call before they go to school.


MJ was craving chocolate so she made cookies. She figure with Dad gone they would last a bit longer. Did she forget that JD and CJ are just as much cookie lovers as dad?


Hubby arrived home this evening. I took a screen shot of my flight tracker app and he snapped a photo from his plane just after it left the airport.


Hubby got the antenna working again just in time for the Olympics!  Yay! The girls stayed up to see the first part of the opening ceremonies. CJ was full of questions as always.


We were completely surprised at bed time to find Syd’s tooth so loose it was nearly out! She was able to push it out with her tongue with no trouble. The tooth fairy had to scramble to make it to our house on such short notice.

When she woke the next morning.she discovered that her tooth to the left is very loose as well and the tooth to the right is getting wiggly. Not sure if this is a result of her intubation on Monday or not but I find it very curious….


Be glad you cannot smell what she is cooking. This bacon looked a bit dodgy in the package. (it was left over from last week and may or may not have been sealed properly.) It did not get any better after it was cooked (no surprise) but it was a lesson in cooking. (I think)

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