Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 PL Week 5



Yay! Downton Abbey is back on PBS. The new season started back up in the US a few weeks ago and I am hooked again. It makes me happy is Monday.



This winter weather is reeking havoc on schools. We are on, I believe, 11 days of weather related school closings this school year. The Fitz kids joined us today instead of going to daycare. The kids all had great fun building blanket forts and playing hide and seek.


We are re-growing green onions from the onions we purchased last week. I have done this in the past but MJ is in charge this time. She would like to grow all her own veggies and herbs. The cooking class last semester and the health class this semester is a wake up call for her and her picky eating.


Syd’s school had a parent night/open house. Syd basically ran from one end of the class room to the other, speeding from one activity to another. She is full of energy! We also had Kindergarten orientation for her.

I think I might hyperventilate! My baby is going to be a Kindergartener!


It warms my heart to see any of my kids getting along and when they are cuddling it is more awesome. I choose to ignore the fact that they are both absorbed in a video and just focus on the closeness of them for this moment.


JD competed in his first indoor track meet. He and a few buddies ran relays and the 1600 meter. Jed (the guy in black) took an interest in JD and coached him throughout the race. Jed is the other Midland school’s XC and track coach (Dow High). There were 4 heats and, I think, JD came in 3rd overall with 4:55.


Grammie and I took Syd to the hotel for tonight in preparation for her surgery tomorrow. The plan is to widen just the opening of her right ear canal.

Hubby is flying off to work tomorrow and could not come down with us. Grammie agreed to come with us to help me out. Syd can be a job after surgery and I needed a driver. Thanks mom for helping us.

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