Thursday, January 2, 2014

PL Week 52



This is the running gang from this last weekend. The four core members meet up weekly and they invite anyone that wants to come to join them whenever they can. These are a great group of guys. They usually run 9 or 10 miles each Saturday.

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All Dresses and ready for the party at Grammies. These are the dresses and bows I made them. What a couple cuties and acting so lady like!


All the grandkids, most in their jammies that they received. Talk about hard to get them all in the shot.

We had a blast as usual when we get together. Thank you Grammie for making Christmas special for all of us.


Hubby and I were the first ones up this morning {7 am}, by 8:30 JD and MJ were out of bed. But by 8:45 we woke the girls because MJ was going crazy.

The highlights of the day:

JD got his varsity jacket, Rich loved his 16x20 of the girls and his mom to hang in his office. The girls were beyond happy with the princesses from Uncle Spike. MJ got everything on her list {very conservative list considering she is 15}. I got to capture it all in my early Christmas gift, my Canon Rebel T3i.


I had an awesome Birthday today! Breakfast and Bob Evans with the Family, Grammie, and Fitzy’s. Shopping with Grammies to score cheap wrapping paper for next year. Hubby took me to dinner at Pizza Sam’s {the best fries} and then I got to cuddle with the girls.


MJ is away at a friends house and Ruby is lonely. She only wants to sleep with us if her girl is gone.


All is right in Ruby’s world. Her girl is back and they are in their usually spots.


Interesting- These two barely can be in the same room for more than a few minutes without JD doing something to pick or poke MJ physically or verbally. But this afternoon I caught them playing Pokémon together and laughing! I so love these moments.


Syd had what we hoped would be the last procedure on her right ear before they started on the left one. But things turned out to need more tweaking then the doctor had time to do on this visit. The opening to her ear is narrower than the doctor would like because of a bone on one side and cartilage on the other. The skin graph did not heal around that bone and created a sort of hook that held in some of the drainage causing a rash. 

He would like to buff the bone down and trim away a bit of cartilage. He will need a very small skin donor site taken from behind her ear to cover the buffed bone. It will be about a 2 hour procedure and will mostly likely take place in January.

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Our annual New Years Eve party was full of laughs, horseplay, eating, game playing and smiles. 2013 was a great year for us and we enjoyed sharing the end of this great year with our friends.  Here’s to 2014!

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