Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 PL Week 4

CJ had a math homework assignment that turned into a rousing dice game for the four of us. Syd and I rolled the dice for Dad and CJ; their goal was to  add the dice up and write the math problem in the correct column. The first to fill a column won. Dad won but CJ was very close. She is very competitive and gets that from Hubby, which is why it turned into an exciting game.
CJ has turned into the little organizer. This is the stool that she uses for a night stand. It has her favorite things all neatly stacked and displayed. She was proud as punch that I noticed and took the photo.
Let me start off by saying we LOVE that Hubby can work from home. BUT it is 7:40 PM and he is still working. It is just too easy for him to want finish this or that up and it turns into anther quick thing and before long it has been another hour and there is still more he could do. He needs to set boundaries or this could become a BIG downer for us.
CJ lost her first tooth! She was excited this morning when she noticed it was loose. She wiggled it all day and by dinner time it was nearly out.  Hubby asked her if her could give it big push on the count of 4. She agreed and it was out by the count of 3!
That night the Tooth fairy left her sparkly dollars and some heart candy. She was overjoyed.  Syd been trying to pry her teeth out every since….
I took a case binding class this evening. It was fun and I made this tiny little book. I have no idea what I will use it for but it is very cute.
This dog can cause quit a ruckus when she wants to. I popped my head in to say hi to MJ and she was wiping up a spill that Ruby caused with her nose. It might have something to do with the toy MJ bought her for Christmas….
Grammie’s birthday was this week. We celebrated at her house with lunch and cake. She did not have any birthday candles so we dug around and come up with unscented tealights, odd looking but they did the job. Happy Birthday Mom!
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