Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 PL Week 3

I took Hubby to the airport before the kids got up this morning. Our days are pretty normal but it is the evening and nights that will be out of sync for us.
This evening the older kids arranged a game of UNO to keep the girl’s mind off daddy not being home. They had a good time even if there was a bit of cheating going on…
Not sure where he gets his taste for coffee from. Hubby and I don’t touch the stuff, I can’t get over the bitter taste. JD does drink a bit fancier than normal coffee though. His little indulgence come courtesy of our Keurig and a gift of CafĂ© Carmel K-cups from his girlfriend.
Ruby normally sleeps in MJ’s room with her on her twin bed. Now that I have half of a queen bed empty {at least most of the night: Syd} Ruby has been snoozing with me.
Hubby returned late tonight: after a long wait in the airport.
I found a pic on the iPad of JD “juggling” 2 tangerines. What a talent!
Syd was very cuddly before bed, not sure if it was avoidance or something more but I will take a good cuddle anytime.

CJ was overjoyed to see Hubby this morning. She has planned this morning over and over this week. She made cards and pictures for dad and knew just what she was going to eat with him this morning {cereal}. I had the idea that Hubby could listen to her read her 2 daily books. Hubby even told CJ the best news: He will be working from home the next 2 weeks! YAY!
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Our basement drains started to back up again.  As much as Hubby doesn’t like to ask anyone for help, he decided it was time to call in a professional.  Our friend Tate uses the same drain cleaner each year to get the roots out of his system so that was the guy we called.  He showed up within an hour (on a Saturday even!) and had everything fixed and cleaned up within an hour and a half.  We had some roots in the system from the bushes out front.  At least that’s one thing back to normal again.
Maybe now I will get help when I suggest the bushes out front need dug up….
MJ has been taking a food class at school this last semester. We have been the subject of a few tasty homework assignments and extra credit projects.
More and more she has just been wanting to cook for us. This morning she made us breakfast - Egg and veggie scramble. This evening she made bruschetta to go with our spaghetti dinner. I will not complain about another cook in my kitchen!
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