Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 PL Week 2


Winter break continues for the kids. This Polar Vortex is hitting many places hard. It was –7 while JD was out there blowing snow. Hubby’s flight was canceled and rebooked for Wednesday. He was bummed but the girls were thrilled to have him home when they woke up.


Another very cold day and school is still out. Rich got worried his morning flight Wednesday would be canceled so he book an afternoon flight today. About an hour later it also was canceled. So he has been “grounded” for this week.  He will be working from home. {He is a bit upset but the rest of us don’t mind at all!}


The girls finished dinner very quickly and were off to watch something on the Ipad while we finished our dinner. When I got up to check on them I spotted them at the end of the hall watching something with Pepper. Pepper looked very interested.


With Hubby working from home this week he has had a chance to be more involved with the girl’s activities. Tonight we took CJ to a make-up dance class. She was thrilled to show dad her moves.


Having dad home before school has thrilled the girls as well. They talked him into reading them a book while that ate breakfast.


Ugh, our basement drains are getting slow and raising. Hubby rented a power snake and worked all day snaking out the drain. He pulled up what looked like wads of lint. I took a picture of it but it too gross to post.


Weekend was full of little projects. Today he reinstalled the antenna higher on the house. Now I just have to get after him to get the wire stapled down….. he probably did not even notice it draped across the roof or he was hoping I would not.

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