Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 PL Week 1


New year, new job for Hubby, new pay schedule, new routines, new challenges that I will need to find a way to deal with. 2014 will be full of new things for the whole family.

I promise to embrace the new with a good attitude and hopefully a smile, but can't promise that. Change is not easy for me, I like the comfort of the familiar, in most things.

So this year will be full of changes that I promise to grin and bear. Who knows, I might even enjoy it if I just relax and focus on what's important in our lives.


1st day of new job. This week will be spent working from home. This is nerve racking and exciting all at the same time {but that is just me}. This is a good way to ease our way into this newness.


Brrrrrr! Our kitchen is the coldest room in the house this time of year during normal winter temps but whoa, factor in this artic chill and it is just nippy. About the only way to be a bit cozy in the kitchen is to turn on the oven and bake. Today is peanut butter cookies. So much for eating healthy….


It is cold out and we are all just being lazy today. The girls have not been out of their jammies in days. We are just hanging out and trying to stay warm.

01052014 blog

This is what our Sundays are going to be most weeks. Packing Hubby up to catch a plane bright and early Monday morning.

School has been canceled for tomorrow all ready and travel is going to be dicey. If the snow does not stop soon his flight might be canceled…..

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