Friday, December 27, 2013

PL Week 51

MJ has been taking a cooking class in school and made chicken stir fry for us tonight. It was yummy and sure to turn into a regular meal for us especially if she is cooking it.
Ugh I caught Syd’s cold. Stuffed up with a sinus headache. What a lovely day.
JD was out snow blowing the drive this afternoon. After he came in I noticed this path from our front door to the road. He did it so DJ {his girlfriend} could take a short cut to the door. That is a sweet gesture.
He got a kick out the FedEx guys using his path to deliver our packages too.
Syd’s sing thing was today. Her last winter sing thing at ESA! Sniff sniff. Last week I had to attend her last official IEP at ESA, the next one will be in the spring as a send off/transition to Kindergarten. I  am going to bring a box of Kleenex to that meeting.
We had the Fitzy kids over today. Little Miss is big smiler and gives cheesy grins when you turn a camera on her, not to mention CJ the photo bomber!
Hubby spotted  an eagle on a Saturday run with the guys.  The winter/spring runs (starting after cross season ends) are a highlight of Hubby’s year not only for the beauty of nature (the eagle sightings are not uncommon) but also for the chance to run with some good folks (Jake’s distance coaches for track and one or more other cross/track parents).
The girls are learning the art of selfies! Found this one one the Ipad, along with many shot of the floor.
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