Friday, December 27, 2013

PL Week 49


Up bright & early and off to the Hospital. We got good news and an additional appointment is needed to check on a small bone that the skin graph did not grow over yet. We will be back the end of the month so he can look at it and possibly grind the bone a bit to make it easier for the skin graph to grow over it if need be.

It is just amazing the things they can do….


Things I have been working on. Two are gifts, one will barely get wrapped before I give it to Hubby. I am awful when it comes to waiting to give him his gifts. I get so excited and just can’t wait. The other one is for DJ and is a Harry Potter book page in an awesome frame. The pretty fabric is a new sippy leash I just listed, it is my favorite color combo of aqua and red.


I have been busy making Bon Bons. Made 6 batches already and many more to come. I have ordered a small cookie scoop to make this easier this year.


The first Christmas card arrived today! I have mine ordered and they are on there way to me.


CJ made dad a pretty picture on the Mag-a-doodle. She is getting great at spelling and writing.

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