Friday, December 27, 2013

PL Week 48



What I have been sewing… dresses for the girls. Holiday dress to be exact. Syd picked the main fabric and of course it is pink (bright fuchsia). I picked the silver satin to calm it down and what party dress does not need tulle!


I LOVE my camera and my glowing tree.


Thanksgiving at Grammies means good food, plenty of laughs, a few naps (by some adults) yummy desserts and of course tree decorating. Little Man was not into being covered in lights


Christmas card picture outtakes. It is getting harder and harder to get them all to look the right way, smile and sit still all at the same time. Not mention the giggles that ripple through them just when I get ready to snap the photo. We did get one that only need a bit of tweaking to be the ONE.


Syd has been eager to come to “the Hotel” all week. We are here for her last (maybe) appointment for her right ear, they are removing the finally packing tomorrow. We have already seen an improvement in her speech since the initial surgery She has been speaking clearer. Even full of packing she appears to be able to hear though her right ear. We are vey pleased and hopeful for her future.

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