Friday, December 27, 2013

PL Week 47

11182013 1

Training has started again. JD was not happy, he did not hit his targets during his 1st run. He is using the Run Less, Run Faster method. He trained with this method over the summer and he had a great XC season so he is hoping to use it again this winter to have a great track season.


Pityriasia rosea is what CJ has. I noticed the rash Friday night on her stomach and back. Doctor says it will last a few weeks and to treat the itching but it will just go away on it own. Never heard of it until today but it seems harmless enough.

2013 ornaments

The ornaments for 2013. Kohl’s sells Hallmark and I can use my 30% off coupon on them so I picked them up early this year.

Ballerina Dreams & Snow White- Is Syd’s ornaments this year. The ballerina is because she started dance this year and the Snow White is the costume I made her for Halloween

Man of Steel, Superman is for JD. Its meaning is a bit of a stretch but here goes- I picked it because he had a “super” season with XC and met is goals. Told you it was a stretch.

A Vision in Blue, Disney’s Cinderella is CJ’s. I made her a Cinderella costume just like the ornament this Halloween and she acted so very much like a royal when she wore it.

Like Mom, Like Daughter is for MJ. Her feet are now the same size as mine and she has started borrowing my shoes and boots all the time.

 11202013Little Miss and Little Man stayed with me for an hour or so this morning after the girls got on their busses. When CJ and Syd heard about it after school they scolded me for keeping it a secret. Made me chuckle.


I know, I know it is still November and I put the tree up. In my defense, I normally put it up the day after Thanksgiving and last year Thanksgiving was today. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

The kid’s Hallmark ornaments will take over my tree completely this year. It truly is a family tree.


The girls have been sleeping in the same room for nearly a year now. The older they get the more playing and giggling we hear long after they are put to bed. But this was a first, CJ invited Syd to sleep with her so she would not be scared. We were not aware of it until I snuck in to turn off their Christmas tree lights.

They looked very cozy in a toddler bed, guess I really need to get to finishing their twin beds….


Had a special order come in from my Etsy store. She asked for shabby chic sippy leashes (pinks, creams, lace and very feminine). I was very surprised when I stopped at Joann’s, the items I was visualizing were right there. They came together very quickly and I had them out the door the same day.


And the stockings were hung in a new place this year. With the addition of the girl’s play table I made them last Christmas things need shifting.

The table normally sits were the tree goes and the stocking normally hang from the stairway opening in the wall which I shoved the table against. This long ledge seemed to be the perfect second choice for the stocking.

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