Sunday, November 24, 2013

PL Week 46



When it rains, it pours…Syd had her 1st post-op appointment. They had to put her under to remove that packing and replace it. She had a good attitude about going back to the hospital {heck she got ice cream whenever she wanted it last week}

The good news: the doctor says everything looks great, he could not be happier.

The not so good news: Syd was given nasal Versed before the procedure and she came out of it like the Hulk. We arrived to her recovery bed to her screaming and fighting the nurses, she was trying to pull out the IV and flailing around her bed. Things did not get much better after we arrived. They removed the IV after giving her some pain meds but that did not calm her. The nurses said we were free to leave with her. {It was like they were pushing us out.}

We took turns carrying her out of the hospital screaming and fighting. We scared others as we made our way to the parking garage. After we battled her into her car seat and took off. She screamed for about 10 more minutes. After a quick stop at McD’s for ice cream she finally settled down.

Needless to say we all took a LOOONG nap when we arrived home and she will never have the nasal Versed again if we can help it.

The evening was the older kids XC Banquet. The coach had wonderful things to say about all the runners but it was very long for Syd to sit through so we left early. JD got a paper plate award from the Senior captains “The league of extraordinary Gentlemen award” It has picture of former XC runners that were very fast. He was very touched by this award from his teammates. 


With the new furniture arriving I have decided that the dogs need to stay off of it. I felt very bad for our 13 year old lab and bought her a bed. She seems to like it. But Ruby is another issue, she just keeps pushing the limits and jumping up on the new couch every chance she gets.


Parent Teacher Conference for CJ was this afternoon. The teacher had great things to say about her progress and a few things she needs to work on.

This little drawing project the kids had to tell how they could show others they care. These are CJ’s own word and the teacher made a copy to show others in the coming years. What a sweetie!

She now can say her name!

After watching her speech therapist get her to say words properly by clapping out the syllables, I was amazed at the words that she could say for her. {The people that help her are amazing}.
I decided to give it a go with a word that she has never been able to say - her name. And it worked! Normally it comes out as “nidney” or “Snidney” but today it was “Syd-ney”!



We had Little Man and Little Miss over for the evening. It was getting close to bed time for the kids and we had a bit of a popcorn snack while we watch the 100th episode of Tayo The Little Bus {Little Man’s favorite show} We were all squeezed on the loveseat snug as bugs.


Leaves leaves leaves… we have a ton of them. this year we have been so busy and the weather has been so warm that we have only done a bit of raking before today. We worked as teams and got all the leaves to the road in record time. I hope this will be the last time this year.

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